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This past summer we released the initial version of Reading Glue for parents, and were amazed by the number of teachers who checked out the site. We received an overwhelming amount of feedback that asked for a version of Reading Glue that can be used to manage an entire classroom.

Today I am proud to announce on Sticky Notes the release a version of Reading Glue that is tailored for teachers. Teachers have access to additional tools that allow them to manage classroom reading practice, and get an overview of what students are reading inside and outside of class.

Some of the features include:

  • Track up to 40 students
  • Monitor reading level history and performance data
  • Use online reading logs with the entire class
  • Easily take anecdotal notes on students during reading groups
  • Add titles to our virtual library
  • Free 14 day trial, no credit card required

We started Reading Glue with the goal of providing parents with effective resources to use at home, and this has not changed. Reading Glue is free for parents whether their child’s teacher uses the system or not. Parents can easily connect with student accounts that a teacher creates. This allows both teacher and parent to have insight on what kind and how much reading is taking place in the classroom or home.

I am confident that you are going to love what we have put together for you, and so I invite you to give the new version of Reading Glue a try.  If you have feedback, then please share it.  You can reach out to our customer support on the site, or you can email them

Still not sure, head on over to to learn more.


James Stubblefield - Founder